Holiday Plan

Dio :   What will you do next holiday?
Aghi : I'll go to Japan
Dio :   How will you get there and where you want to visit?
Aghi : By airplane  i and i want to visit every place in Japan
Dio :   With whom you will you do it?
Aghi : With my family
Dio ;   That's awesome
Aghi : Are you want something from Japan?
Dio :   No thanks,
Aghi : How about you do you have a plan?
Dio :   I don't know,actually i want to meet my grandparents
Aghi : Where is your grandparents home?
Dio    They're in Belgium
Aghi ; Good luck for your plan
Dio :   Thanks,you too
hi everyone i want to tell about my experience

someday im in holiday to kuningan, when i was palying in pool, i was fishing in there,when i was enjoy that i did'nt realize that i was at the end of the pool,so i splashed to the pool and i almost sink,i shouted for some help but no anyone in the pool,shortly my uncle come to help me,he pulled me and i was a bit of shock,after that im very gratefull on my uncle because if there is no he  i will die in there
That's my bad experience,how about you?? do you have too?
one day i met a new friend at music park her name is Aghnia Ghassani she was using free wifi,so we talk to each other for a moment

dio; hello im dio,may i know your name please?

aghnia: sure,iam aghnia,what are you doing in here/

dio; im waiting for my friendshow about you?

aghnia: im using free wifi in here

dio: for what?

aghnia; i have to download  some videos,do you want to join?

dio : sure,why not?

aghnia: what do you want to do?

dio: i want to search videos about my english homework

aghnia; do you need any help?

dio: no,\thanks ican finish mit by my self,what kind of video you want to download?

aghnia: im downloading some Speedpain videos

dio: wow thats nice,ok thats my friends i must to go,thanks for your time,see you later

aghnia: ok bye,nice to meet you

dio: nice to meet you too

After that,me and aghnia know each other.We became classmate at SMAN 3 BANDUNG,thenwe became a bestfriend

it's all about me

My name is  Dio Arya Permana. i was born in Bandung at 26th May studied in SDN Soka 34. 1 years ago im studied in SMPN 20 Bandung.Now im study in SMAN 3 Bandung.
My hobbies is playing footbal,reading book,swimming,playing basketball,almost every sports i love.My favourite football club is Manchester United and my favourite player is Cristiano Ronaldo. i have one sibling her name is Cindy Viola Sari.I very very love her. My favourite food is bakso and i like my grandmas cooking. I like listenb to music.My hometown in Sumedang,Cirebon,Kuningan