My Last Holiday (2018 New Year's Holiday)

Last holiday im not going anywhere,just stay at home and sometimes i help parents for do something when they need me,if i bored i'll play game in my smartphone with my friends.

Once a week i play football with my friends at the ballroom,after that we went to Manglayang Mountain to hiking,after reached the top we went to go home.
Tomorrow me and my family went to Lembang because we had a some plan
Holiday Plan

Dio :   What will you do next holiday?
Aghi : I'll go to Japan
Dio :   How will you get there and where you want to visit?
Aghi : By airplane  i and i want to visit every place in Japan
Dio :   With whom you will you do it?
Aghi : With my family
Dio ;   That's awesome
Aghi : Are you want something from Japan?
Dio :   No thanks,
Aghi : How about you do you have a plan?
Dio :   I don't know,actually i want to meet my grandparents
Aghi : Where is your grandparents home?
Dio    They're in Belgium
Aghi ; Good luck for your plan
Dio :   Thanks,you too
hi everyone i want to tell about my experience

someday im in holiday to kuningan, when i was palying in pool, i was fishing in there,when i was enjoy that i did'nt realize that i was at the end of the pool,so i splashed to the pool and i almost sink,i shouted for some help but no anyone in the pool,shortly my uncle come to help me,he pulled me and i was a bit of shock,after that im very gratefull on my uncle because if there is no he  i will die in there
That's my bad experience,how about you?? do you have too?
one day i met a new friend at music park her name is Aghnia Ghassani she was using free wifi,so we talk to each other for a moment

dio; hello im dio,may i know your name please?

aghnia: sure,iam aghnia,what are you doing in here/

dio; im waiting for my friendshow about you?

aghnia: im using free wifi in here

dio: for what?

aghnia; i have to download  some videos,do you want to join?

dio : sure,why not?

aghnia: what do you want to do?

dio: i want to search videos about my english homework

aghnia; do you need any help?

dio: no,\thanks ican finish mit by my self,what kind of video you want to download?

aghnia: im downloading some Speedpain videos

dio: wow thats nice,ok thats my friends i must to go,thanks for your time,see you later

aghnia: ok bye,nice to meet you

dio: nice to meet you too

After that,me and aghnia know each other.We became classmate at SMAN 3 BANDUNG,thenwe became a bestfriend

it's all about me

My name is  Dio Arya Permana. i was born in Bandung at 26th May studied in SDN Soka 34. 1 years ago im studied in SMPN 20 Bandung.Now im study in SMAN 3 Bandung.
My hobbies is playing footbal,reading book,swimming,playing basketball,almost every sports i love.My favourite football club is Manchester United and my favourite player is Cristiano Ronaldo. i have one sibling her name is Cindy Viola Sari.I very very love her. My favourite food is bakso and i like my grandmas cooking. I like listenb to music.My hometown in Sumedang,Cirebon,Kuningan